As the No.1 Brewer in Wales, S.A. Brain & Co. Ltd are fiercely proud of their Welsh heritage and the fact they remain family owned. Founded in 1882 by Samuel Arthur Brain and his uncle Joseph Benjamin, S.A. Brain & Co. Ltd have been brewing beer in Wales’ capital for more than 135 years.  Today S.A. Brains & Co. Ltd are much more than just a brewery, although brands such as Brains SA and Dark Mild remain as popular now as they were back when, but have evolved into more of hospitality company with 236 owned and managed Pubs, as well as a coffee retail brand called Coffee #1, boasting more than 100 stores nationwide.

A lot may have changed since 1882, but their values remain the same.

Blacks Brewer Black IPA

Black IPA  5.0% abv  500ml

A unique beer that ambushes your senses, it pours dark with a creamy beige head but tastes light and hoppy!  Complex hoppy fruity flavours and aromas mixed with roasty bitter chocolate and coffee tones.  Low carbonation for a smooth stout like finish.  Dressed in black, charged with hops and ready to rock.

Blacks Brewery Kinsale Pale Ale

Kinsale Pale Ale  5.0% abv  500ml

An exciting fusion of Cascade and Citra hops inspires tropical & citrus flavours that are beautifully balanced with the malty sweetness. The taste dollops a smack of citrus onto the palate with€“ grapefruit and lime, alongside more sweet pineapple and tangerine with a decent little malt body fairly creamy, with definite biscuit and cake-dough sweetness and straw, overall very well balanced.  Clean and crisp citric bite to finish on, which lingers for a while alongside the sweet tropical fruit notes.

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