• Are you able to consolidate orders from a number of your suppliers?

    Yes, Worldwide Drinks can arrange mixed orders for you from our suppliers, though of course this is little bit more complicated to arrange. We can co-ordinate the consolidation of your goods either at our bonded Consolidation Warehouse, or a multipoint pick-up can be arranged direct from different suppliers.

  • Can we mix pallets from different suppliers?

    Unfortunately this isn’t possible. We can supply mixed pallets from each individual supplier, but the logistics and costs involved with mixing pallets from a number of different suppliers simply isn’t viable.

  • Can you arrange shipment of my goods?

    Yes, Worldwide Drinks can arrange the shipment of your order to you from our supplier’s. We would ensure that we get quotes for you from several freight forwarders to ensure that you get the most competitive pricing and the best transit time options. Once you agree on the most suitable transit option for you, Worldwide Drinks will then arrange the rest.

  • How long does it take from placing an order to being able to arrange collection?

    From the point at which you send through your order to us, Worldwide Drinks keeps you updated with regards the availability and BBE (Best Before End dates) on the stock you have requested. Some orders can be turned around within a week, whilst others may take a few weeks whilst we wait for the beer to be brewed. We understand that our customer’s need the freshest stock possible, with the longest shelf-life available to ensure that they can then have the best opportunities for the onward sale & distribution of the stock in market.

  • Do you export goods outside the EU?

    Worldwide Drinks currently exports to over 50 countries around the world – both within the EU and across the rest of the world. On a daily basis we deal with EU Bonded Movements and also Direct Exports to countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Chile or America.

  • Who is responsible for the Export paperwork?

    In all instances, Worldwide Drinks, via their supply partners, will always supply a commercial invoice, packing list (if required) and the Excise entry (ARC number). Typically our customers usually arrange the shipping/forwarding themselves, and in this case it will be incumbent upon them to raise a UK Customs Entry/Export Declaration. If required, Worldwide Drinks can appoint a UK Customs Agent on behalf of the Customer, to which there will be an additional nominal fee. Any other documents such as a COO, EUR1 or Health Certificate can be arranged upon request.