Camerons invests in Tunnel Pasteuriser

picture of Camerons tunnel pasteuriser on plain background

Camerons Brewery has made further investment into their canning line by adding a tunnel pasteuriser.

First installed in 2019, the canning line was quickly upgraded within the same year due to high demand to a new 7,000 can per hour Matrix filler.

Dave Hopper, Contracts & Packaging Manager, said “So far, we’ve offered clean fill or sterile filtration into cans. As of March 2023, we now have the capability to offer customers tunnel pasteurisation, enabling us to increase shelf life and preserve beers for longer. This process provides accurate PU control and automated quench facility means we can guarantee freshness for longer.”

The canning line has the capability to do 250ml, 330ml, 440ml and 500ml can sizes.

For any customers requiring contract brew and canning, or contract canning please get in touch