Top 5 Tips for Successfully Exporting Beer, Ales & Cider

As a beer exporter, we understand the importance of expanding your market reach and introducing the world to the rich and diverse flavours of English ales, stouts, ciders, and lagers. In this article, we share the top five tips for successfully exporting craft and speciality beers & ales across the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world. Whether you’re a UK regional brewer or a craft beer producer, these tips will help you navigate the international market and promote your brands across multiple international beer & cider markets.  Worldwide Drinks have been exporting beer & ciders from the UK since 2006.

Group of people with glasses of exported beer

Identify Target Markets and Adapt to Local Preferences

When exporting beer and ales, it’s crucial to identify the target markets and understand their preferences. From checking the strength of the economy in a target market /country, to identifying potential distributors, it’s vital to also be aware of the competitive landscape for sales of craft, speciality or traditional English beers. We research the specific taste preferences, drinking cultures, and regulations of each country we plan to export to. For example, in Germany, known for its beer culture, highlighting the traditional brewing techniques and heritage of English ales and lagers might resonate well.

Establish Strong Distribution Networks and Local Partnerships

Building reliable distribution networks and establishing partnerships with local importers and distributors is essential for successful beer and cider exports. We collaborate closely with reputable partners who have an understanding of their local market and established connections. For instance, working with regional distributors who specialize in craft beer can help you penetrate niche markets and reach discerning consumers who appreciate specialty beers. We develop strong relationships with Importers in markets around the world who’s distribution networks include local retailers, pubs, and restaurants to ensure effective distribution and visibility of the British and Irish beer + the cider brands that we represent.

Ensure Compliance with Export Regulations and Documentation

Exporting beer and cider across international borders requires compliance with various regulations and documentation. We are familiar with the export laws, labelling requirements, and certifications of target markets and we ensure that all regulations and requirements are adhered to for all our export orders. There are few things more time-consuming and costly than starting the export process, only for the beer or cider stock to be held up at Customs because the required paperwork hasn’t been completed correctly. The EU has specific regulations such as the Food Information Regulation that governs labelling and packaging. We often help with providing Certificates of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and meet any additional import requirements specific to each country such as Health Certificates.

Focus on Branding, Packaging, and Marketing

Effective branding, packaging, and marketing strategies can set your beer and cider exports apart from the competition. Highlight the unique qualities of English ales, stouts, ciders, and lagers in your marketing materials, emphasizing their craftsmanship, heritage, and flavour profiles. Leverage digital marketing channels, social media platforms, and collaborations with influencers to create brand awareness and engage with your target audience.

Participate in Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and events offer excellent opportunities to showcase the beers and cider brands to international buyers and industry professionals. Participation in trade fairs, beer festivals, and industry-specific events to network, build relationships, and promote speciality beers and vintage ciders are all part of the marketing mix that we adopt. These platforms allow our English, Welsh and Irish brewers to engage directly with potential distributors, importers, and customers, to generate leads and secure long-term partnerships.


Successfully exporting British beer and ciders across the world requires careful planning, market research, and a focus on building strong partnerships. By identifying target markets, adapting to local preferences, establishing distribution networks, complying with regulations, and implementing effective branding and marketing, Worldwide Drinks Ltd helps our suppliers succeed in the Beer and Cider Export sector.